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Courses and workshops

Learning never stops in your life, so you are neither too young nor too old to embark on the adventure of learning about glass in my Amalgam glass studio in Zagreb. In the workshops, we learn together, discovering new possibilities for creating glass items. We learn to cut glass, paint it, and create different compositions from which useful pieces are created. You will make beautiful items that you will be able to proudly display in your home or even give as a gift to someone, and it will be completely unique and handmade by you.

All of this creativity goes well with a glass of wine and good company and the workshops are a friendly and comfortable place to spend some time with friends in a hobby you enjoy!

We look forward to every opening of the kiln with great joy because even after so many years of work, glass can surprise us again. That is the charm of creating with glass.

If you already have some knowledge about glass fusion feel free to contact me so I can arrange advanced courses or workshops for you. We can also learn from each other.

Please book workshops via our web shop or contact us directly.

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