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Why to buy glassware?

How many times do we ask ourselves what to give to our loved ones, friends, work colleagues for moving into an apartment, sister, grandmother for a birthday or anniversary?

There are several reasons that will prompt you to buy a glass object, but first a short story.

I recently came to the conclusion that glass has always attracted me, but I never thought about it in that way.

So in my collection I found several items that I keep that were left to me by my mom and aunt who have been gone for a long time. But they are there to remind me of them, to remember where they stood in my parents' house and what was kept there. One small bowl was created, I now know, by the glass blowing technique, it was on the table in my parents' room. Its shape, smoothness and transparency of the glass remind me of the tenderness and love I had from them as a child. The second one is a light blue candy bowl in the shape of a basket and it was in a display case that my aunt had, and it was only used on special occasions. She is beautiful ! I also hope that my now grown sons will one day keep some of the items I make simply as a memory.

Now I know that I have always kept within me a love for glass and that medium, and that's how I discovered a talent that fulfills me as an artist while creating objects with glass fusion.

I don't like doing a lot of the same subjects. I like to experiment with glass and the techniques that are available to me because every time it is a new experience and a new surprise. That is why each item is unique and special.

If you didn't know...

Glass is one of the old media and is deeply woven into human history and modern society. It plays an important role in our daily life in various aspects of our life.

We find glass and glass objects everywhere around us, from ordinary glasses, bottles, bowls, vases, plates to glass chandeliers, fences on our balconies and houses. If you just look around you will see countless objects made from this interesting and special medium.

One of the characteristics of glass is that it is a simple material to maintain, it is easy to clean, and its biggest advantage is its recyclability, we can recycle it an infinite number of times without losing its quality.

In addition to the everyday objects made of glass that we use every day, the art of glass reaches much deeper when frescoes and stained glass windows were made in churches, and intriguing objects of large vases and other useful objects that reached dizzying values.

Even now, glass has a special value, apart from the fact that it is always a puzzle how such a flat transparent surface can be shaped into various shapes that attract the eye, and in combination with the interior and light, we get real magic. But about that in another blog.

That's why if you buy a glass item from me, it will be a unique piece that only you have. Its value will increase over time. It can stay in your family for generations and each item will have its own story and love and occasion for which it was purchased. It will be an investment in art, because each copy is a work of art. That's why it's a great gift, which will be functional, decorative, durable, unrepeatable.

Pictures are shoving two small bawls I mention.

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