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What is glass fusing?

Updated: Apr 16

Glass fusion is the process of joining two or more pieces of glass at high temperature to form one homogeneous piece of glass. This process is usually carried out in special glass kilns to reaching high temperatures above the melting point of glass up to 900C.
The glass fusion process usually includes the following steps:
1.Preparation of glass pieces: The glass pieces to be fused must be carefully cleaned of dust, grease or other impurities that could affect the quality of the fusion.
2.Assembling the glass pieces: The glass pieces are arranged in the desired pattern or shape on a special board that can withstand the high temperatures of the kiln.
3.Putting in the kiln: The board with the glass pieces is placed in the kiln, which is programmed according to the type of glass and the desired effect that we want to achieve.
4.Glass fusion: When the furnace heats up to a high enough temperature, the glass pieces will start to heat up and unite where they touch, forming one homogeneous piece of glass, which can later be placed in a mold to give it a specific shape.
5.Controlled cooling: After fusion, the glass piece is cooled slowly to avoid creating tension in the glass that could lead to cracking. This cooling process usually takes several hours or even days, depending on the thickness and size of the glass.

Glass fusion is often used in art glassmaking, where it is used to create a variety of glass objects, such as vases, plates, sculptures, and jewelry. It is also used in industry for the production of glass panels, optical fibers and other technical glass products.
Like the well-known art of glass blowing, glass fusion allows us to create different objects using a different method that offers a feasible, affordable technique for hobbyists and artists interested in building their own designs.
If you're looking for a new hobby, a new craft, a new art form - or if you know you've found it and are ready to dive in - you've come to the right place!

To get started, you'll need:

A readiness to explore and enjoy! You do not need basic knowledge. You can attend our courses and learn the basics of glass fusion and create beautiful unique objects that you will be proud of. Basic tools and consumables are included in our courses. We teach you how to be safe with glass, how to cut it, and how the kilns we use work. You need goodwill, inspiration, and creativity, everything else will come by itself. Thanks for reading!

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