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"I'm not good at art, I'm not creative, I can't draw anything, I'm not clever."

I often hear: "I'm not good at art, I'm not creative, I can't draw anything, I'm not clever." Is that always true? What is art anyway?

When I was in elementary school, art was one of my worst subjects because I didn't really know how to draw still life. That apple and orange on the table created a lot of problems for me because I absolutely did not see shadows shapes or who knows what I should have been able to see, and I thought that I was a total anti-talent for drawing or painting, meaning art.

But in the 8th grade, we got a new art teacher, and some new aspects of that subject, and therefore of art, opened up for me. For the first time, my picture was on the walls of the school corridor and my happiness was endless. And how did I achieve that? The teacher told us to paint whatever we wanted and to use a lot of colors, and that's where I found myself. Somehow, the overflow was better for me, and the choice of color was very good, and since then the grades have also improved.

Of course, my career and what I will choose to do in life started as far away from art as possible, because I still thought that I was lucky only then and that I was not for painting or singing, so I ended up studying Economics with a major in tourism. Languages ​​and tourism were somehow much more attractive to me at the time.

More than 20 years ago, I started painting, because my friend Laura got me hooked on it.

She said: "Art is whatever one remembers to do first". So, I remember, in the Tate Museum in London, an untidy bed was exhibited in one of the halls, which filled the pages of newspapers at the time and attracted a lot of visitors.

What did the artist really want to say with that untidy bed? We could discuss this for a long time now, but the point is that he gave us something to think about. Someone remembered it and attracted the audience. He was the topic of conversation.

Since then, I have been painting abstract art, and when I have time I like to paint, and I have admitted to myself that I like it and that I am not so bad at it. That was the first step, to admit. Having that mindset, that I'm not so bad that I should at least try something called art. I can also find sadness

joy and depth in my works; it depends on when I made them and how I felt at that moment.

More than 10 years ago, I got hooked on glass, which is my great love and where my creativity and love for colors and shapes came to full expression. Who would have thought that such a rigid medium would attract me?

Each workshop was a new challenge for me, it awakened my creativity, relaxed me in good company, I forgot about the everyday chores and problems, and I couldn't wait for the next one.

Since then, I have looked at art somehow differently.

Art is something different for everyone. Everyone sees it in their own way. After all, tastes are different, and trends change, and our tastes adapt to new interiors, fashion, and practicality. The colors that are in trend change from year to year, so do we and our expectations and tastes, and our wishes regarding art.

Now art is not just painting, portraits, and landscapes in various techniques, now art is film, sculpture, photography, theater, dance, music, cooking, and much more. So, there is some art all around us. And all that existed before, but we didn't look at it that way.

In any case, art arouses creativity in us and the desire to create something new and unique, unique to us, and thus we express our ideas, emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Through art, we connect with others and thus deepen our social, cultural, and historical ties. Through art, we explore, experiment, and plan the performance.

Why not try to get closer to art with a glass fusion workshop or course, an unusual medium? You will laugh a lot, work happily, relax well, and learn something new every time, and at the end, you will be rewarded with beautiful unique works that will decorate your home or you will give them to someone as a gift. With the works you made yourself, you chose a design, colors, and shapes that you will be proud of.

If you think that you have no creativity, that you are not dexterous, that you do not know how to draw anything, you should not be afraid to start because maybe just one workshop will take you to another world that you thought was not for you and that you have no talent for it, just how was for me too. Creativity and talents are in us, we just need to bring them to the surface.

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