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What is glass fusion?

Glass is one of the oldest materials which has been used for centuries in arts, crafts, architecture, and in recent time in the preservation and packaging of valuable groceries. We are more and more encouraged to use glass in everyday life to keep the planet safe. Glass is not just good material for recycling but also an excellent material for creating different arts and give us artist endless opportunity to express our imagination. 

Glass fusing is a technique in which two or more pieces of glass are bonded together in glass kilns at high temperatures.  The temperatures which are reached are up to 900 C. It is a great skill to know which temperature is suitable for different projects.

There are different types of glass that can be used according to the grading of glass which is measure with the Coefficient of Expansion (COE). It is simply a measurement of the rate that glass will expand and contract when it is heated and cooled.  ​

In Amalgam glass studio, we use a few different types of glass. Float glass or popularly called window glass and art glass which is softer glass from which most of our jewellery is made.

Dichroic glass is used on sparkling parts in our jewellery piece which can give a different dimension to each item.

Dichroic glass, commonly called dichro for short, is glass coated with very thin layers of metal oxides and it literally means  in Greek "two coloured."  It was thus named because of its fantastic multicoloured and reflective properties. When you look at this glass, thin layers produce different colours, so it appears to have more than one colour at the same time, which can be seen when viewed in certain lighting conditions.

Glass can come in different shapes, like powder in colour, stones, canes, blocks, etc. This gives us designers more possibilities, creativity, and inspires us to push the boundaries and discover each day new possibilities in the creation of our products. 

We cut glass, colour it, and create a design all by hand. Some of our glass we recycling to use in different projects.


Each item is unique, and hand made.  


There can be only similar objects but none of them is the same.

About the artist

Irena Poje - Oxenham 

I started doing glass by accident more than 10 years ago when my attention was drawn to the glass of beautiful rainbow colors and it was love at first sight. I haven’t stopped creating since. I attended several classes and was a participant of workshops for more than four years when I decided to buy my first kiln and start my own adventure with the glass.  I wanted to learn more and I experimented with different glass and forms and attended lots of online courses which gave me more confidence and knowledge which I am using now in my project and in teaching others. 

My hobby has become my job which I enjoy immensely.

As I step into my studio, I am surrounded by an atmosphere of creativity and tranquility. I am feling filling a sense of calm and inspiration and the stress of the outside world melt away as I immerse myself in my craft.

As I work, my mind drifts and my worries slip away. When I finally step back to admire my work, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment was over me.

Along the way, I still learn a lot and develop new techniques every day and use them to create unusual and attractive creations. The various glass specimens created with a lot of love and thoughtfulness are special and unrepeatable and therefore unique.


I have been sharing my knowledge at my courses and workshops with all those who will decide to get to know the secrets of glass and get involved in creating objects of different colors and textures. 


I was born in Zagreb. I graduated in economics, majoring in tourism. I have lived and worked for 13 years in the UK and now live with my husband and two adult sons in Zagreb.


Feel free to check out some links to some of my past gallery exhibitions.

Join us at our next course or workshop.

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About the artist

About us

Company: Hit izbor, obrt za usluge, proizvodnju i trgovinu (hereinafter AMALGAMGLASS.COM)

Address: Zadvorska ulica 1. odvojak 20, 10257 Brezovica,

OIB: 05252335875

Contact: +385 91 588 1341


IBAN: HR9723600001102441163 (Zagrebačka banka)

Swift code: ZABAHR2X

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